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Tumandok Massacre Commemoration

The Panaghiusa Philippine Network continues to call for justice for the victims of the Tumandok Massacre. We commemorate the 3rd anniversary of one of the most horrendous massacres under former President Duterte in disguise of putting a stop to communist insurgency in the country.

On December 30, 2020,  9 Tumandok leaders were killed, while 16 more were arrested in a joint operation by the police and military in Panay as a result of the IPs’ resistance to the Jalaur Mega Dam project. The project will displace 17,000 Tumandok and endanger their food security, livelihood, and the environment’s biodiversity. Before the massacre happened, the Tumandok leaders were red-tagged or designated as terrorists during the former Duterte administration. Under the current Marcos administration, 11 environmental defenders have already been killed. 

It has been three years, yet the state continues to protect and defend criminals among its ranks. As of this day, not one of the police or military officers is held liable for the massacre. The state has remained silent on the Tumandok 9 and the multiple atrocities against the IPs whom they are mandated to uphold. 

Amid continuing threats, harassment, the weaponization of law, and other forms of violence,  the Panaghiusa Philippine Network along with the Indigenous Peoples will continue to hold the former and current regimes accountable for their atrocities. We will continue to rise and end the culture of impunity. 

Their deaths only served to inspire the Tumandok to fight more valiantly, for as long as there are attacks against Indigenous rights, there will be those who will defend them. We will continue fighting until we achieve justice for all the victims. May the succeeding generations emulate the heroism of the Indigenous Peoples. 


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