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Panaghiusa condemns the intense bombings in Abra and Ilocos Sur

Since April 2, 2024, the Armed Forces of the Philippines have been bombing areas indiscriminately in Ilocos Sur and Abra, causing fear and disruption in the Indigenous Peoples communities in the said provinces.  

The intense, indiscriminate bombings put the lives of innocent civilians in grave danger, compelling them to flee their homes and disrupting their livelihoods. They had to evacuate their homes, and their economic activities had to be disrupted. Such intensified assaults coupled with militarization, harassment, and psychological warfare, flagrantly violate basic human rights.

The Panaghiusa, an advocate for Indigenous Peoples' rights, calls for an immediate halt to the AFP's indiscriminate bombings of civilian areas. We demand an end to the militarization of indigenous communities and urge the Armed Forces to abide by International Humanitarian Law.

Videos taken by civilians on the bombing incidents: 

No To Militarization! Stop the bombings in the North! Kaammoyo ti Kappia (KTK) condemns the indiscriminate bombing: 

Video posted by Nazareno Lagman Trinidad III: 

Breaking news: Bombing at the border of Ilocos Sur and Abra: 


Florante Reyes


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