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On the Int'l Day of the World's IPs

To all indigenous peoples and advocates around the world, we extend our solidarity in our continuing fight for our rights and our future.

History has not been kind to indigenous peoples, but it is also in our history that we have proven the victory of our collective resistance against threats to our lands and self-determination.

Today, we strive to tell this history while also striving to create our own in the middle of continuing challenges to our lands and right to self-determination.

We find unity in this struggle. We move forward, envisioning a better future while holding on to the legacies of those who fought before us.

For us here in the Cordillera, Philippines, we fight to #DefendCordilleraPH. After all, our biggest contribution to the global struggle of indigenous peoples will be our own victories against imperialist plunder of our ancestral lands.

Thus, we join the worldwide call: Fight for our rights, Fight for our Future! Fight to #DefendCordilleraPH!


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