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KATRIBU stands with Kim, Khim, Bestang

Today, in the international campaign #1BillionRising, Katribu Kalipunan ng Katutubong Mamamayan ng Pilipinas (KATRIBU) rises for truth, justice, and rights of Indigenous Peoples and advocates.

Sarah "Bestang" Dekdeken, Secretary-General of Cordillera Peoples Alliance and Northern Dispatch's Chief Editor Kimberlie Quitasol and volunteer reporter Khim Abalos, face cyber-libel charges filed by former Police Regional Office - Cordillera Director R'win Pagkalinawan.

Dekdeken is known for her sharp analysis on Indigenous Peoples' situation. She stands with the sector in calling to defend their collective rights to self-determination and ancestral lands. Dekdeken continues the struggles of Indigenous Peoples' martyrs and heroes in her works as general secretary of the alliance.

Meanwhile, Quitasol and Abalos work for an alternative media outlet that reports peoples' issues and concerns in Northern Luzon. As an alternative media, Northern Dispatch uses its platforms to show the narratives of Indigenous Peoples, women, youth, and other sectors.

The charges against the three are on the basis of their works and statements regarding peoples' issues, such as the invalidation of Indigenous Peoples' struggles in the Cordillera, state of farmers in the region amid the pandemic, and human rights violations against activists and progressives.

Last February 8, Dekdeken attended her first hearing this year, On the other hand, Quitasol and Abalos are set to attend another hearing today, February 14.

As we unite for the global campaign One Billion Rising, KATRIBU urges everyone to stand with Indigenous Peoples Dekdeken and Quitasol and Indigenous Peoples' rights advocate Abalos.

JOIN the social media rally tonight, 7:00 PM. You may access photos for Instagram and Facebook Stories through this link: You may also post personal statements of support for Dekdeken, Quitasol, and Abalos.

Use the following hashtags:


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