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KATRIBU slams PNP over attacks, harassment vs. protesters

KATRIBU Kalipunan ng Katutubong Mamamayan ng Pilipinas strongly denounces the blatant harassment and attacks by the Philippine National Police (PNP) in recent mobilizations by progressive groups and individuals against institutionalized electoral fraud and the massive disinformation campaign that paved the way for the impending return of the another Marcos and Duterte in top government posts.

These Martial Law-like acts of the police are desperate attempts to suppress the growing anger and disgust of the people in the culture of impunity, perpetuated by massive red-tagging, harassment, killings, and other human rights violations that the Marcos-Duterte tandem embodies.


Liwasang Bonifacio, Manila

Peasant groups led the Kampuhan ng Sambayanan Kontra Dayaan at Liwasang Bonifacio to condemn the electoral fraud due to massive disinformation by state agencies and paid trolls. During the duration of the Kampuhan, police personnel in riot gear stayed within the vicinity.

On May 11, anti-riot police barred protesters from conducting a program in front of the Commission on Elections. Riffles and water cannons were also used to intimidate groups and individuals.

Moreover, disinformation against the organizers and delegates proliferated on social media, stating there was chaos during the three-day campout. In fact, the tension only erupted when a National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict-backed organization tried to hijack the activity. #ComelecPalpak#KontraDaya


Supposedly in front of PICC, Manila

To conclude the Kampuhan ng Sambayanan Kontra Dayaan, anti-electoral fraud groups, anti-Marcos-Duterte formations, and church people trooped to the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC). However, PNP members blocked the way to PICC.

Before the program started, more police officers were deployed in the area prompting the protesters to conduct the program in front of the police barricade. Protesters successfully reiterated their inquiry on the running results of the #Halalan2022, showing the lead of Ferdinand "Bongbong' Marcos Jr. and Sara "Inday' Duterte in the top posts of the Philippine government. #RejectMarcosDuterte#NeverAgain


US Embassy, Manila

PNP members violently dispersed activists who protested with peoples worldwide during US President Joe Biden's visit to the Asia-Pacific. Protesters exposed the imperialist's militarist agenda to the region. They also condemned the intensified Marcos puppetry to the imperialist US. Moreover, they slammed the continuation of the Indo-Pacific strategy, and the US' intervention in Martial Law.

Apart from the violent dispersal, police illegally arrested individuals without basis during the protest. KATRIBU reiterates Filipinos have the right to peacefully assemble and express their opinions. State forces had no cause to violently disperse a peaceful assembly even without a permit. #ResistTheAttacks#ActivistsNotTerrorists


In front of the House of Representatives of the Philippines, Quezon City

Labor groups and individuals protested in front of the Philippine Congress to call for the passage of the P750 Minimum Wage Bill and suspension of excise tax on petroleum products before the end of the fascist Duterte administration.

According to Kilusang Mayo Uno, the PNP intimidated and harassed the protesters. KATRIBU stands with the labor group in holding the police accountable for their harassment of individuals. Street mobilizations are peaceful until the PNP intervenes to neglect fundamental human rights. #750NMWIsabatas#SahodItaas


Commission on Human Rights, Quezon City

Tension once again erupted as members of the PNP violently blocked around 500 protesters from stepping out from the Commission on Human Rights grounds to protest against Marcos Jr. and Duterte's proclamation in front of the Batasang Pambansa. The PNP also used water cannons against groups and individuals calling against massive disinformation, vote-buying, red-tagging, and non-transparent and defective system during the elections.

According to reports, police troops were heavily deployed along Commonwealth Avenue and Batasang Pambansa since the night of May 24. Again, state forces have no right to prevent citizens from condemning the proclamation of Marcos-Duterte and fraudulent elections. #MarcosDuterteItakwil#PulisAngTerorista

Despite the overkill security measures to silence the people in recent mobilizations, protesters were able to regroup and assert their right to assemble and freedom of expression. The PNP continues to invalidate street protests and normalize harassment as a response to peaceful assembly, but the Filipino peoples prove their strength grounded in legitimate calls of the masses.

KATRIBU Kalipunan ng Katutubong Mamamayan ng Pilipinas lauds all progressive institutions, formations, and individuals in continuing the struggles of peoples' heroes and martyrs. To stand for peoples' rights and against fraudulent instances, such as the recent elections, was not, is not, and will never equate to terrorism.

We call on the public to reject the fascism of the Marcos-Duterte tandem. It is now more than ever we stand to protect our democratic rights and defy state terror. #


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