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BREAKING: Tampakan LGU revokes permit for Sagittarius Mines, Inc.

The Tampakan local government in South Cotabato has revoked the mayor’s permit for Sagittarius Mines, Inc., (SMI) which operates the Tampakan Gold-Copper Project (TGCP).

In a letter addressed to SMI on 15 September 2022, Mayor Leonard Escobillo pointed out “fraud and misrepresentation” in SMI’s application for a mayor’s permit.

First, SMI had indicated in the application that it was a “mineral exploration manufacturer,” which the Office of Mayor contested, saying SMI was a “general engineering contractor.”

Second, an SMI personnel had also allegedly mischaracterized the category of a company income stream.

In view of the foregoing, the Office of the Mayor revoked the permit, and demanded compliance by SMI.

TGCP has been plagued by controversy since it was hatched years ago. More recently, the provincial ban on open-pit mining, the method to be employed by TGCP, was lifted by the provincial council, but ultimately vetoed by the provincial governor. The revocation of the permit gives groups opposed to the project hope that it eventually be shuttered.


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