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A Collection of James Balao's Pieces of Hope, Dreams, and Experiences

Today, we commemorate the 14th-year disappearance of James Balao, an indigenous leader, pioneer of Cordillera Peoples Alliance, and former chief editor of Outcrop in the University of the Philippines Baguio.

Manong James was abducted in Tomay, La Trinidad, Benguet last September 17, 2008. Before the incident, he told his family and colleagues that suspected state agents were surveilling him. Fourteen years have passed, and we continue to call #SurfaceJamesBalao and all victims of state-sponsored disappearances. We call to #StopTheAttacks against Indigenous Peoples and those who protect human rights. State agents abducted Manong James, but his contributions to Indigenous Peoples' struggle for self-determination and ancestral lands continue to inspire today's generation. Here's a collection of Manong James' poems of hope, dreams, and experiences, digitally restored by Outcrop in 2019:


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