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The sender tagged Abalos as an individual "brainwashed by rebels" and a terrorist. "Wag kang manggulo kung gusto mo pang mabuhay" was also indicated in the malicious message. Apart from being an Indigenous Peoples' rights advocate, Abalos actively supported the calls of farmers and agricultural workers during the commemoration of #PeasantMonth2022.

In 2019, Abalos received a series of threats in his life during his term as a Councilor at the University of the Philippines Baguio. A year later, various tarpaulins tagging him and other Baguio activists as recruiters for the New Peoples Army surfaced around Baguio City. Also in 2020, former Police Regional Office Cordillera Director R'win Pagkalinawan filed a cyber-libel charge against Abalos and his chief editor Kimberlie Quitasol in Northern Dispatch, an alternative media outfit.

Panaghiusa Philippine Network condemns the threat against KR Abalos. This harassment puts his life in danger. Amplifying the voices of basic sectors and marginalized is not and will never be terrorism. We urge everyone to #DefendTheDefenders and condemn all forms of human rights violations against advocates and activists.


Panaghiusa Philippine Network to Uphold Indigenous Peoples' Rights Communications Officer KR Abalos received a death threat from an unknown number on October 22, a day after the mobilization of peasants and peasants' rights advocates.

ALERT | Panaghiusa staff receives death threat

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